Performance of a Firm or a PMO or Business Unit!

Performance of a Firm or a PMO or Business Unit!

IF you can't measure it; it doesn't Exist.

IF you do not know where you are, you will never know where to go!


Some of the Key parameters that define the performance of a Consulting firm are


  1. Utilisation
  2. Average Hourly Rate
  3. Client Satisfaction and Constant Feedback
  4. Onboarding New Logos(New Customers)
  5. Skill Availability and Fungibility
  6. Timely Assignments
  7. Timely Billing
  8. Demand Planning
  9. Visibility
  10. Financial Performance Index


Understanding the needs of the consulting firms and Performance-based organisations we have incorporated several functionalities into CXO insights.  All these complex metrics can be easily measured and tracked using simple business processes built into CXO Insights. The following metrics are part of the solution and available for all clients

  1. Utilisation
  2. Resource Availability
  3. Customer Feedback rating
  4. New Client
  5. Resource Assignments (Full and Partial)
  6. Company Profile (Projects-Domain-Schedule-Skills-Roles-Cost)
  7. Demand Planning
  8. Resource Feedback
  9. Capability for End customer view Resource availability
  10. Multi-country and Multi-Currency


CXO Insights can assist consulting firms to track their performance, to help the organisations achieve their objectives.


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