How It Works

Resource & Capacity Management

The success of resource management depends on achieving a fine balance between the right allocation whilst maintaining employee satisfaction. Our solution helps you achieve that

Real-Time Data

Lack of a single unified view of resource assignment is the primary reason for inefficient allocation. This is only possible when the data is available real-time, on demand.

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes with numerous spreadsheets and ubiquitous v-lookups and pivots the process more often than not, gets complicated. Our solution untangles you from the shackles of the conflicting versions, embedded formulae, needless formatting and numerous synch-ups.

Benefits of CXO Insights

Multiple Applications within a single solution


Having real time IDLE TIME data and Future data, service providers can proactively engage with clients or businesses to schedule the work in advance. Account managers will be focusing on planning rather than fulfilling, this is a game changer for the clients.

Real Time Measurements

All the best initiatives fail as data is not current. CXO Insights provides updates in real time which will help decision makers realign their priorities and focus on turning situation around much easily

Customers First

Empowering your clients to be part of decision making and giving them option of choice is a real game changer in the Services Business. Clients having the view of the availability will help them in their planning and advance allocations.

Feature Rich

Clear hierarchy for multi location organisations. Rollup data, clients or account managers can book the candidates in advance and regularise once contract signed, AI assisted role or skill matching, Frequent Employee Feedback, option to choose right rated candidate, Skill heatmap, certification heatmap, etc.


Workflows and business processes utilised in the platform are industry vetted and proved. Platform is self explanatory and guids through the platform without any training or support. It is built on the principle, Simple solution for Complex business problems.

Problems worth solving

  • Idle time management/Bench Management (Reactive)
  • Calculating utilisation is a bg task and it is period (knowing current situation)?
  • Consolidating and correcting excel sheets to get Resource Availability information on Real-time?
  • Knowing where you are will assist you plan your direction, how do you know where you are?

The CXO Insights solution

  • Unique: Data in Real-Time across the locations and businesses
  • First of its kind: Eliminates the need for assistance to know your status
  • Industry Agnostic: Applicable for any serviceable entity in the farm of service
  • Knowledge: What got here will not get you there! Clear picture of how we are progressing
  • Organised online feedback mechanism (Rarely candidates get the structured feedback)
  • Transparency builds greater trust and deep relationship
  • A platform to assist in faster decision making with real-time data
  • Demand Planning and Flexibility to book candidates in Future
  • Better visibility and better processes

A Platform for Everyone

Consulting Firms
Captive or Global Sourcing
Professional Services

“ We are exploring to use this tool to replace 3 different tools for our workforce management. ”

Ben Samson

GM Delivery

“ Very useful web application for a business managing more than 50 people. It helps in resource management, streamlining processes, and many more! ”

John Smith

Business Manager

“ CXO team has helped us transform the way the resource management is done! Thank you team! ”

Arun Avin


“ CXO has helped my business achieve great efficiency. I will continue to use it! ”

Rov Roove

Account Manager!

“ Ev!L-Xid ”



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